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It's never been easier to reach the millions of people engaging with the Edison platform on a monthly basis. From industries like hospitality, golf, rental vehicles and more, you can buy advertising on your own terms with the flexibility to choose your audience, budget and ad formats that work best for you. With Edison Ad Manager, you are in control of your advertising experience from start to finish.

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Edison Interactive Ad Manager Easily reach captive audiences like golfers

Edison interactive - Get results that make a difference

Why advertise on Edison Ad Manager?

Nationwide coverage

100% Edison products feature:

Fraud Free inventory

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Edison Interactive Ad Manager Choose the best way to reach your customers

With our self-serve solution, you have easy and fast access to a large audience and can target your ads by geographic location, demographic interest and many other options to reach your customers.

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    Truly unique inventory

  • Robust reporting capabilities

  • Untapped audiences

  • Easy campaign management

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Edison Interactive Ad Manager Advertise on a variety of revolutionary DOOH platforms

Shark Experience presented by Verizon

With more than 33,000 connected golf cars, you can advertise to the golf audience on this revolutionary product.

Hospitality - COMING SOON!

With thousands of hotel rooms in the network, you can advertise to guests nationwide directly on their in-room TV screens.

Avis Travel Assistant

Advertising options are coming soon in our Travel Assistant that has been used in over 75,000+ unique rental cars nationwide.

Edison products feature:

Integrated Adtech Solutions

Interactive Touch Screens

Customized Content

Personalized Experiences

Global Capabilities & Reach

Get results that make a difference Manage your campaigns with full control

  • Easy adjustment

    See live data from your campaign performance, optimize your targeting, update your creatives or pause campaigns as you see necessary.

  • Testing for success

    Try out different creatives and targeting strategies to find the strongest performers for your budget.

  • Automated reporting

    Get daily, weekly, or monthly updates sent to your email.

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Edison Interactive Ad Manager Ready to join the ranks of worldwide brands who advertise with us?

Advantages that were previously only available to large brands are now open to your business. With a variety of audience options including golfers, hotel guests and more, you can get your company in front of a captive audience to reach the next level of brand awareness and results.

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